Sentricon Baiting System in Fort Lauderdale

Are you reading this post because the Asian subterranean termite has been discovered in Fort Lauderdale? These termites look like a normal subterranean pest. However, Asian termites are much more evasive and destructive. These termites move around in colonies with millions and millions of termites in them. When it comes to termite colonies, these creatures make the biggest ones! A simple colony will have at least 7 to 10 million members. So, if your home is infested by two to three colonies of Asian subterranean termites, try to imagine the kind of trouble you are up for!

Asian Subterranean termites can be categorized into multiple types. One, you have the worker termites which are off-white or white. Two, you have soldier termites that are a little bigger than the workers. Three, you have the reproductive termites which can be winged. The soldiers and reproductive termites are dependent on the worker termites, which are responsible for bringing food into the colonies.

Dangers of the Asian Subterranean Termite

So, why are these termites dangerous? In Fort Lauderdale, these termites are active all year round. The seasons don’t bother these termites. However, during Spring the termites become extremely active and they start to swarm and create new colonies. The termites are strongly attracted to light. This is why they are found near windows, light fixtures and gardens. Also, the termites need cellulose and wood to survive. If your home is filled with wooden fixtures and furniture, you must be extremely cautious. This is because the Asian subterranean termites can destroy them in a few hours. The Asian subterranean termites are so capable; they can munch into concrete structures too. This is why you should be prepared to eliminate them, as soon as you spot them in your home.

Unfortunately, the actual trick is in finding the presence of these termites in your home. It would be months before you realize that the property is attached by these termites. And, during this time, much of the damage will be caused in your home.

The perfect solution?  Sentricon® Baiting System!

So, are you hunting for a solution that is environmentally friendly and effective against the Asian subterranean termites? If yes, consider yourself lucky. You have the Sentricon® Baiting System in Fort Lauderdale to help you. This is an ideal solution, which works against the termites smartly. The technology used in the Sentricon® Baiting System is both innovative and efficient. Remember, you cannot use conventional pest control methods against the Asian subterranean termites.

The Sentricon® Baiting System is named after the ingredients and equipment used to eliminate the termites. Sentricon® pods are used to hold an attractive bait that can attract the worker termites. Once the worker termites die, the soldier and reproductive termites will not be able to survive. As a result, the whole colony will be destroyed by the Sentricon® Baiting System. Most of the time, the baits will be installed beneath your property, around the entire structure. Thus, you can prevent the Asian subterranean termites from entering into your property permanently.

  • It offers round-the-clock protection to your property 

Having Sentricon® Termite Baiting System stations installed around the perimeter of your structure ensures ongoing protection to your property from termite attacks not only currently, but also in the future. This gives you peace of mind.

  • Eliminates all Asian subterranean termites

Since the ingredient in the bait is shared by the entire colony, it means that all termites, including the queen, will be eliminated.

  • Environmentally friendly

The bait system is not poisonous to humans. Therefore, it does not pose any health risks to them. It also does not harm to animals like fish and birds. Besides, it also has an insignificant impact on plants.

How to Choose the Best Sentricon Specialist in South Florida?

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