Sentricon Baiting System in Davie

Asian subterranean termites have been discovered in Davie. And, this is a serious problem.

Most of the time, the damages caused by the Asian subterranean termites will not be visualized, till the situation gets too late. And, the cost to renovate a building that is affected by the termites can be very expensive. When compared to tornadoes, hurricanes, and fires – the cost to recover from termite attacks is very big! This is why you should eliminate the Asian subterranean termites at the earliest. And, this is a challenge only the professionals can accomplish. Why? It is mainly because you cannot see the infestation at an earlier stage. And, if you are seeing broken wings or affected windows – the Asian termite has done more damage to the building. In some cases, these termites can make a huge building collapse.

Spending money on the Sentricon® Baiting System against the Asian termites in Davie can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in the long run. Keep reading to know why!

Dangers of the Asian Termites

First things first, you must be aware of the dangers these termites cause.

You cannot destroy the Asian termites using traditional methods. You need a specialized Sentricon® Baiting system to kill the worker, soldier and queen termites in the colonies. By utilizing traditional pest control solutions, you will waste oodles of money.

Next, the Asian termites become visible only when the damage caused has reached a peak. In the beginning, you will be unaware of the presence of these termites. They can stay in your property for weeks, before showing any signs of infestation. But, the moment you spot signs, beware that considerable damage is caused to the structure (including the pillars and concrete layers).

Moving on, the Asian subterranean termites cause severe health issues. These termites are known for spreading asthma and rashes. And, the rashes are extremely common in little ones. Saliva and droppings from the Asian termites are the primary reason behind the rashes. The reason behind asthma would be the tiny dust particles spread by these subterranean species. When the termites munch through concrete, wood, and cellulose – they release tiny particles. These particles are so tiny that they can enter into your body easily. Consequently, you might develop an allergic reaction or experience asthma.

To save yourself from so much trouble, consider a Sentricon® Baiting System.

When compared to liquid pest control methods, the Sentricon system is less invasive. You don’t need to worry about drilling trenches or destroying slabs. The baiting stations can be installed anywhere on your property. The bait is scientifically engineered. The worker termites feel attracted to the bait. Also, they ingest the bait easily. Once the bait gets ingested, the termites return to the colony, bringing the whole colony down!


  • It offers round-the-clock protection to your property 

Having Sentricon® Termite Baiting System stations installed around the perimeter of your structure ensures ongoing protection to your property from termite attacks not only currently, but also in the future. This gives you peace of mind.

  • Eliminates all Asian subterranean termites

Since the ingredient in the bait is shared by the entire colony, it means that all termites, including the queen, will be eliminated.

  • Environmentally friendly

The bait system is not poisonous to humans. Therefore, it does not pose any health risks to them. It also does not harm to animals like fish and birds. Besides, it also has an insignificant impact on plants.

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